There are a few things you can expect to be different in the day to day functioning of the Chalet as a result of the COVID-19 policies we have to follow.


If you or anyone in your booking has flu-like symptoms, please notify Reception. You are legally required to attend the Perisher COVID-19 testing facility immediately.


Breakfast will run from 7:30-9:30am and will function on a first in first served basis to maintain social distancing. If the dining room should reach capacity, you will be asked to wait in your room and a staff member will notify you when a table is free.

We will have strict dinner sittings, at 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

Numbers in our bar will be limited to maintain social distancing.


Jackets and gloves will not be permitted to be stored in the public drying room.

The drying room will be for boots only.

Your skis and boots will be required to have a sticker with your room number on them and segregated from the belongings of other rooms.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not permitted to open the spa and sauna.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our housekeepers are not permitted to enter your rooms to service them, so we will not be providing daily room servicing.

If you require fresh towels, please bring your dirty ones to the hamper at reception and we will give you fresh ones.

Guest access to the laundry is not permitted this season.


We will try our best to provide our complimentary oversnow transport on arrival and departure in a timely manner, as we are restricted to transporting guests of only 1 booking at a time.

If you would not like to wait for our free service and would like to request other paid oversnow transport, please call Hans Oversnow on 02 6457 5334.


On the day of your departure, we would really appreciate it if you could open the windows in your room when you leave to ventilate it to increase the safety of our housekeeping staff from any potential contamination.


Chalet Sonnenhof COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for everyone. As a small business, there are a number of practical steps we are implementing to manage the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for our guests and staff.

Under the NSW Public Health Order, all businesses are required to develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Chalet Sonnenhof endeavours to implement all legally required measures enforced by NSW Health under the Public Health Orders.

Chalet Sonnenhof reserves the right to review, vary or revoke this policy and will be reviewing the policy periodically to ensure it is relevant and appropriate.

At this time, the following measures are required to be met and will be met by Chalet Sonnenhof:

  1. Infection Protocols
  2. Physical Distancing
  3. Hygiene and Cleaning Procedures
  4. Record Keeping

Infection Protocols

Unconfirmed COVID-19 Case

If a person has symptoms of COVID-19, but the infection is not yet confirmed, the following process will be undertaken:

  • The person who has the symptoms will be required to have a COVID-19 test without delay.
  • The person will be isolated in their room until such time as the COVID-19 test is confirmed. If that person is a minor, their parent or guardian will be responsible for the care of that minor and that parent/guardian will also be isolated.
  • The business will inform all guests staying in the premises of the potential risk of infection.  Additional cleaning may be required in the areas the person has accessed.
  • The person may choose to vacate Chalet Sonnenhof prior to the outcome of a COVID-19 test.  In this instance, the guest will be required to inform management of the results of the test.
  • The name and contact details of that guest must be supplied without delay to management.
  • Chalet Sonnenhof management will keep all guests and staff informed of the status of the test.
  • Affected guests and staff will confirm the results of the test with Chalet Sonnenhof.
  • If that test is positive, management will immediately inform all other persons that have occupied the premises in that week of that status and commence the process set out below for a COVID-19 infection.

Confirmed COVID-19 Case

If a person staying in or visiting the premises has or contracts COVID-19, the following process will be undertaken:

  • The infected person will immediately be isolated and then transferred to suitable premises/accommodation/hospital as soon as possible.
  • Transfer of the infected person will follow any specific requirements issued by the NSW Department of Health.
  • NSW Health will be advised of the infection and Chalet Sonnenhof will follow any direction issued by NSW Health or their delegate.  NSW Health will be issued with a list of all occupants/contacts by the business without delay.
  • All occupants may be required to vacate the premises. 
  • All staff and guests will be advised to self-isolate in theirs designated rooms and undergo testing.
  • The NPWS will be advised of the infection and Chalet Sonnenhof will follow any direction issued by the Service or their delegate.
  • Sonnenhof Chalet will organise a deep clean of the premises in accordance with the procedure outlined in “Chalet Sonnenhof Procedures – COVID-19 Hygiene and Cleaning Procedures”
  • No subsequent occupation will be permitted until such cleaning is complete.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing (also known as Social distancing) measures as outlined within the Public Health Orders shall be followed at all times.

Current health advice is that everyone, including people at workplaces, must implement physical distancing measures, wherever possible, of 4 square metres of space per person and maintaining a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from others. These measures reduce the likelihood of exposure to micro-droplets of others.

Chalet Sonnenhof is implementing the following measures to ensure compliance with the current public health orders regarding physical distancing.

  • Ensuring all staff and guests remain 1.5m apart
  • Measuring and ensuring each guest has 4m2 of space each, in each location within the Chalet, including
    • Drying Room
    • Dining Room
    • Common Areas; and
    • Lodging areas
  • Signage placed around the Chalet to remind all staff and guests of the requirements.
  • Distances shall be marked on the floor of 1.5m where necessary, so that staff and guests have visual reminders of that 1.5m radius

Hygiene and Cleaning Procedures

Hygiene and Cleaning measures have always had a critical function at Chalet Sonnenhof, however in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have implemented additional measures so that we can assist in the prevention and containment of any outbreaks.

Chalet Sonnenhof is implementing the following measures to ensure compliance with the current public health orders regarding cleaning and hygiene.

Regular day to day cleaning will occur with additional measures taken in public and high-risk areas. Cleaning will be undertaken in accordance with Appendix 1:  Cleaning to Prevent the spread of COVID-19 ( and Appendix 2: Recommended Cleaning Supplementary Information (

Record Keeping

In order to assist NSW Health Officials should an outbreak occur in the region, in accordance with the Public Health Order as of 1st June 2020, all bookings will require the provision of Name, Address and contact details of all guests upon arrival.

Visiting contractors and staff will also be required to provide these details.

These details will be kept for a minimum of 28 days as per the Public Health Order.  Chalet Sonnenhof acknowledges that this is private and confidential information and records will only be provided to NSW Health Officials, as required. At the completion of the ski season, all records shall be shredded.