29 Feb

When Should You Book Your Ski Holiday For 2024?

  The Best Time To Lock In Your Snowy Getaway    Whether you’re wanting to lock in your snowy getaway early or you’re just trying to get a gauge on the best time to book your ski trip for 2024, we can help!    Whether you’re a newbie to the slopes or you’re a seasoned […]

30 Apr

Things to do on your ski trip that isn’t just skiing

Our guide to what other activities shouldn’t be missed on your next ski trip   When heading off on a ski trip, there’s more to be done than just hitting the slopes! Whilst skiing might be your main reason for heading off on a snow trip, there are loads of other activities and experiences you […]

20 Mar

How To Take A Mindful Ski Holiday

  Our guide to practicing mindfulness on the slopes    Whether you’re a newbie on the slopes or you’re a seasoned skier, for many, hitting the slopes is a chance to connect with nature and practice mindfulness. Mindful skiing is a practice that combines all the thrill of skiing with the principles of mindfulness.    […]

25 Jan

Why Choose Perisher Valley For Your Ski Holiday?

If you’ve been wanting to take your friends or family on a snowy ski holiday and you’ve been tossing up locations in your mind, Perisher Valley is the perfect place for you! Situated amidst the breathtaking Snowy Mountains, Perisher Valley is the perfect place for snow lovers looking for the ultimate ski adventure.  Perisher Valley […]

8 Dec

Ski Out Accommodation at Chalet Sonnenhof

  Exclusive Ski-Out Accommodation at Chalet Sonnenhof in Perisher    Perisher is Australia’s premier ski destination and it offers more than just slopes and views – it’s also home to Chalet Sonnenhof, your exclusive ski-out accommodation. Designed to ensure that your alpine adventure is the epitome of convenience and comfort, Chalet Sonnenhof stands out for […]

24 Nov

Our Ultimate Guide For Things To Do In Perisher With Kids

31 Oct

How to Plan Your Ski Holiday Before the Snow Melts

31 Aug

Top Essentials to Pack for a Ski Trip

If you’re planning on embarking on the ultimate ski trip, but you’re just not sure what to pack – fear not! We’ve compiled a list of all the things you need to make your trip to the slopes one to remember.      Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer ready to take on […]